The Online Trading Platform for Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) and GHG Credits.

About Us

Bioexchange is the Online Trading Platform for buying and selling Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) and Greenhouse Gas Credits (GHG Credits).

Designed by people with a wealth of knowledge and experience in biofuels, the Bioexchange Platform has been designed to assist both large and smaller companies effectively manage their trading requirements and compliance obligations under the UK Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) and the GHG Reporting Regulations.

The Platform supports existing and new entrants to the marketplace including airlines, biomethane producers and electricity producers whilst allowing all companies to control who they trade with and set corresponding trading volume limits.

The Bioexchange Platform allows registered parties to place bids and offers on an anonymous basis staying confidential until they have matched, and the trade has been confirmed. Buyers and sellers can also lift offers and hit bids directly should they wish to.

Bioexchange supports all the new types of RTFCs across current and future obligation years – General, Relevant Crop and Development Fuel as well as GHG credits are all supported.


About the Bioexchange Platform

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Anonymised Bids and Offers

Stay anonymous up until a trade occurs, upon which, the counterparty details are given to both the buyer and the seller to then arrange delivery and payment.


Compliance and Back Office Support

Trade notifications, exportable transaction logs and email notifications of all your activity.  Separate user type permissions for traders and compliance users.  Set daily trade limits as well.


Counterparty Trading Controls

Control who you trade with and how much you can trade with by setting buy from and sell to volume trading limits.

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Web Based and Easy to Use

Benefit from an easy to use web based platform wherever you may need it, on your phone, tablet or computer.

RTFCs and GHG Credits

Trade all types of RTFC’s including general, relevant crop, development fuel as well as GHG credits across multiple vintages.


Trade Notification and Deal Capture

Get instant email notifications when trades occur sent to all traders and your compliance team, keeping everyone updated.


Flexible or Specific Delivery Date

Post bids and offers with either a specified month for delivery to minimise delivery risk or use our "Standard" delivery date set by vintage for more flexibility.

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Secure and Efficient Technology

The platform has been built using the latest technology and hosted on Amazon AWS servers utilising encryption between the user and the Platform.


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